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The Famous Sausage Race Of The Milwaukee Brewers’

The Sausage Race is the famous and popular race of the sausage mascots of The Milwaukee Brewers. This race is held when the team plays its home matches. The race promotes the famous Klement’s Sausage Company in Milwaukee. Miller Park is the place where these sausages were served. They have become famous for the company since inception. The race was conducted in the hometown of the team at Milwaukee. The race is fun and entertaining for both the young and the old. This is why fans eagerly look forward to it when they come to see the Miwaukee Brewers play.

Sausage Race – an entertaining race for fans to cheer and enjoy

Sandy Petrocelli is an ardent fan of Wisconsin NFL and NBA teams. He says that he loves seeing his favorite players in action and sharing their stories with fellow fans. He says that his friends and family often come to him to find out the history of their favorite Wisconsin teams. He says that when it comes to the Sausage Race of The Milwaukee Brewers, the sausage race began with just 3 sausages. They were the Polish Sausage, The Bratwurst and The Italian Sausage. Later two new sausages joined the race. They were the Hot Dog and the Chorizo. They were introduced in the mid 90’s and mid 2000’s respectively.

Origins of the famous sausage race

When it comes to this race, it did not start off as a live race. The story here does seem interesting. The mascots used to be shown on the scoreboard. They were animated in nature and started running. In the beginning there were only three sausages in the race. However, a graphic designer called Michael Dhilon who used to work for McDill Design came up with a brilliant idea. He suggested that live races of these three sausages be done at games. Gabe Paul who was the VP Operations of the team found the idea entertaining. In 1993, the players and fans were surprised when the three sausages suddenly came out live on the field. They raced against each other. It was really fun to see them in real life. They were much bigger over the game mascots. Dhilon was Bratwurst in this race. The fans and the players were pleasantly surprised. With the passage of time the race became a regular live feature that fans looked forward to at matches. Today there are five sausages that participate in the race and each of them have unique names!

Sandy Petrocelli says that if you go to watch a home match of the Milwaukee Brewers you will find these live sausages running. They are a joy to watch- both young and old love seeing them in action. The Sausage Race is also conducted for charitable events when the home team is not playing. He says that both the NBA and the NFL are loved and famous across the USA for their sports, entertainment and fun. Even people across the world love to know their colorful stories and history that are rich and entertaining to all and sundry!


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