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Cities’ rush, polluted air and monotonous routine always wear you out. There is no denying that everyone living such a lifestyle wishes to escape from this to feel the nature’s freshness once in awhile. Travelling to expensive places like luxurious resorts, spas, tourist places, beaches etc was the general trend. But the wind is changing these days and people are seen taking up adventure trips involving hiking and camping. Getting into the wild, breathing the fresh air, falling in love with the nature seem more relaxing than any spa treatment. The thrill in the adrenaline rush is something else after all.

Talking about camping, it requires a lot of preparation and planning before you set your foot out of your home. The weather conditions should be studied well. Camping for beginners could prove really hard as it involves dealing with treacherous circumstances. You never know what kind of a risk you are going to face and this exactly is the thrill in camping. Experienced campers learn throughout their camping journey and are quite good at preparing themselves for any challenge. Amateurs have to take proper care before camping.

Apart from the knowledge of atmospheric conditions and wildlife, one should know what to carry with them. Remember, Camping is not an easy task. It is for sure that tents, food, extra clothes, sleeping bag, insect repellents etc will be there in everybody’s checklist. What is not to be underestimated is the KNIFE! For more details click here .

Why you should have a knife when going Camping

Why you should have a knife when going Camping?

  • You are not inside the safe walls of your home. You never know what danger is lurking in the wilderness.
  • To enhance your outdoor experience. Don’t expect the woods to be soft and comfortable. It can be brutally tough.
  • You have to make your own path in the jungle. Tarred roads and clean pavements are a distant dream. Thorny bushes and hanging branches will welcome you on your way.
  • Cutting twigs for campfire and also to be safe from the uninvited guests at the campsite, a knife is a must.

Now, one might ask the question, ‘What kind of a knife is best for survival and also at the same time convenient to use?’ Here are some of the knives to choose from-

  • The Survival Knife:

A camper’s first priority is always survival. As camping involves intrusion in an unknown territory, your life is always at risk. To combat such hazards, survival knives are best. Their sharp edges and convenient size(4-6 inches) make them apt for the purpose. Although survival is the main purpose it serves, it can also be used for other purposes like skinning a fish, cutting wood etc

  • Swiss Army Knife:

The fascinating thing about this knife is that it is more than just a knife. To be precise, it is a multi-purpose tool serving the purpose of a blade, scissors, can openers, pliers and cock screws. What more can an explorer look for in a knife!

This is why you should have a knife when going camping. A camping knife can be purchased according to one’s convenience and needs. So, wake up the Bear Grylls in you, buy a camping knife and head out to a new adventure.

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