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Future of video games and importance to its development

Future of video games and importance to its development

What are video games?

The games which are played electronically on a video device with visual effects are known as video games. Playing of video games are for fun and favorite pastime for people globally.. They involve the keyboards, mouse, buttons and touch screen as the input device. In past video games are played in big screens at some special places which are fixed. But the modern video games can be installed on even mobile phones which are 2 dimensional. The three dimensional video games can be played with devices specially designed like goggles. Virtual reality is popular and gaining more development in gaming industry as it makes a feel of direct involvement of player in the games. They are easy to download and install on laptops, desktops, mobile phones from popular apps like playstore, Xbox, Appstore etc.Gaming industry have been increasing its market millions and millions every year in almost all countries in the world. They are referred as Gratis Spiele meaning free games in German where the games are popular and developers are making more video games.

Gratis Spiele

Genres of video games:

The video games are categorized in many categories according to their theme or the effects used in the game. List of video games present in the market are as follows:

  • Platform: Generally games are based on 2D or 3D platforms. In this genre of video games, the jumping and timing is required by the player to avoid dangers and to reach the destination in time. These are old types of games and the best example is Super Mario video game which the entire world is familiar with.
  • Role play games: Role play games are adventure games where the character involved in the game is required to acquire weapons or armors and improve his power to gain strength.
  • Shooter: Shooter is the older segment of video games where the player need to blow all the enemies and should be survived.
  • Sports: Sports gives you real time experience while playing on screen and techniques should be followed by the players to score points according to their skills. They are appeared under Gratis Spiele and free to play on many websites.
  • Puzzle: The puzzle game generally involves the mental ability off the games. The successful completion of one level will move the player to other levels of the game.


With the increase in games day by day the gaming industry and the developers are trying to find more games to entertain the people around the world. It helps to improve creativity and income to many countries.

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