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Different Skins For Miss Fortune

Different Skins For Miss Fortune

The skins are limited to a different set of clothes and guns and sometimes also hair dyes. Nevertheless, surely she knows how to take the most of her sex appeal. You can take a shot at Miss Fortune skins review to sturt in a nice dress. This charismatic champion Bounty Hunter Miss Fortune has quite a playful attitude.

The Road Warrior Miss Fortune

A demure looking skin that still manages to appeal to its interesting concept. The imitation of different clothes and elements work as an effective Mad Max reference. An essential part of the look is the sawed-off shotguns that are a bit overstated. The wasteland seems a good place to wear high heels, for some inexplicable reason,  something that the previous version of the skin avoided. Just like the v-string belt, this is an unnecessary and underhanded attempt at sex appeal that actually degrades the overall theme.

Miss Fortune skins

The Mafia Miss Fortune

A refined Chicago style Mafia Miss Fortune is an attractive yet suitably inhibited for a member of a crime syndicate. With a mini skirt and matching jacket plus a fedora hat join a pair of stockless Thompson machine guns, stockings, and high boots provide an appealing of Miss Mafia an elegant style for Miss Fortune. It’s surprising that the Tommy guns don’t sound like automatic firearms considering the accomplished aesthetic. Mafia Miss Fortune is a good looking and design skin that any fan of fair dressed that ladies will enjoy. It doesn’t offer enough for its price but it remains an attractive option being a remodel.

The Cowgirl Miss Fortune

A skin with a very specific appeal, cowgirl miss fortune deals showing Miss fortune’s lean figure having some wild west sprinkled on. There’s nothing new from her waist up and even the Classic Miss Fortune shows as much cleavage. Unlike the former inadequate incarnation, the lower body presents with a mix of chaps and jeans that manage to preserve the modesty of this bounty hunter. As long as they don’t mind the unavoidable dose of sex appeal, cowgirl miss fortune is a good skin for fans of the Far West and it delivers its theme well.

Waterloo Miss Fortune

This passes for a stylized version of a French soldier but the concept is not a not a good fit for her. With the early 19th century French army, there isn’t much connecting a bounty or pirate hunter. The golden age of piracy was long gone by the time even if you consider privateers or corsairs. If taken for what it is, Waterloo is a good skin.

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