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Games Download: IQ Improvement

Games are the form of structured play, usually the motive of these game is to make a pace of enjoyment among the people and sometimes these games also act as an educational support to the individual by increasing their IQ’s. games cannot be compared to any kind of work which done with emotive to earn remuneration. It is distinct from any kind of art, that is a kind of expression of aesthetic or illogical elements. The distinction told is not up to the mark because many games are also considered as a professional work and some games are also a form of art in some or the other way such as jigsaw puzzle and solitaire.

Games are played with a motive of entertainment with an intention to earn reward. The games can be played alone and even by making a team.

Elements of playing game

  • Tools- Games are distinguished by the components required to play them for e.g.- miniatures, balls, cards or a computer. The places where use of leather is most the ball has been an important component for e.g. basketball, rugby, cricket, volleyball. Games such as hide and seek, do not use any specific tool rather their tool is the environment. Games with same or different tools may have different environment for game play.
  • Rules– The games are characterized by tools but there are some other things on which game is dependent and it is known as rules. When there are changes in rules and are subject to variations and changes, can usually result in a new game. Rules usually determine the time system and rights and responsibilities of the players and their goals. Players rights include when they may spend their resources and move tokens.
  • Skill and strategy- The skill and strategy of winning the game depends on the type of the game. Different games require different types of skills to be played and application of different strategies. As the level and types of game increases it requires better improved strategies to be applied in the game.

How does playing game benefit us?

  • Improves coordination
  • Improves problem solving
  • Enhances memory
  • Improves concentration and attention
  • Great source of learning
  • Improves brain’s speed
  • Enhances multi- tasking skills
  • Improves social skills

You have all the reasons to play game daily. Some sites also offer facility of games download. Games offer you many health benefits but it is necessary to play the games n modulation. Think about the types of games you can play and how can you win that game by applying your own strategies and logics. These practices help in increasing the problem solving ability of an individual making them more experienced about the game and what are should be the next move in the game.

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