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5 Unusual Sports You Could Bet On

Since the arrival of the First Fleet in 1787, gambling and betting have been a significant part of the Australian culture. You can now find it prevalent across the nation with many bookkeepers and punters busy having a good time, enjoying one of Australia’s favourite pastimes.

Most prominently, you will find people betting on various sports like cricket, horse racing, football, NRL and more. And while these sports are most commonly gambled on, there are others you might not know you could bet on. The following list contains 5 unusual sports you can bet on online betting forums like Blue Bet.


A prehistoric and parochial affair, hurling is a traditional Irish sport often regarded as one of the most technical sports to play. If you are unaware of this Gaelic tradition, it is a hybrid of rugby and hockey where players hurl a ball across a goal post, past the goalie into a net. Seer observation might not make it look that way, but hurling requires technical skill and physical excursion to play and put on an entertaining and professional event.

Various events across Australia attract a sizeable crowd every year, where betting opportunities are ample. If you wish to be a part of it, the Australia County Board of Gaelic Athletic Association or GAA organizes interstate matches and other annual tournaments.

Japanese Sumo Wrestling

A crowd-pleasing sport, traditional Japanese Sumo wrestling is a professional sport that earns the “Yokozuna” close to half a million Australian dollars every year. Brought over from Japan, Sumo is now a popular sport in Australian that attracts a massive local and tourist crowd.

Due to its pro level and popularity among the crowd, Sumo events present a healthy betting atmosphere. You can find such opportunities at Sumo events like Australian National Sumo Championship and other matches organized by the Australian Sumo Federation.

Pro-Level Surfing

On the white sandy beaches lining the coastal regions of Australia, you will find all kind of people looking to have a good time under the sun. Among these people are surfers, riding and slicing through waves on surfboards. Surfing in Australia is a pro-level, championship sport with many events and tournaments held each year.

You can find bookkeepers and punters among the spectator crowd, making bets on who will win, who will place etc. Important events like the Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast, Billabong Pipeline Masters and Rip Curl Pro, all make for an excellent opportunity to make wagers and have fun.


A name synonymous with gambling, poker is played widely across Australia in legitimate casinos and on various online platforms. In big poker events like the World Series of Poker and WSOP, you can find people betting on who will win at betting on the game. Although a bit complex and confusing, it is still a fun way to pass your time and make an interesting wager on someone.


The Australian Chess Federation arranges many chess games and tournaments every year including the Australian Chess Championship. While it might not seem like a very action-packed sport with screaming fans and bookies, chess has been popular among wagers for a long time. From the winner of the game or tournament to the moves the candidates would play, you can bet on different aspects of the game and earn a little while having fun.

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