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What you need to know about league of legends smurf account? Learn it all here

One of the most popular online games, League of Legends or LoL has full of strategies to become a better player in this massive community of gamers. One of the most effective ways to improve your status easy way up is to buy a LoL smurf account which has tons of advantages and benefits compared to having an ordinary account where you have to play your way through a lot of challenges and obstacles that became the reason for a lot of gamers to quit.

If you are new to a LoL smurf account, all you need to do is to reach level 30 in your account with an unranked statistic, and that could either be pre-loaded with the essence or a champion of your choice.

In fact, there are a lot of websites that you can choose once you make a decision to buy a LoL smurf account. However, you should choose a site or a retailer of a LoL smurf account that can meet your needs, as well as providing you an easy payment method as well as providing you all the necessary account log-in details for your convenience. Aside from smurf accounts, there are sites that also provide high-quality servers that you can log-in your account to with a lifetime guarantee that you can earn hand-level accounts.


How to buy a smurf account?

There are unranked LoL smurf accounts that can be purchased in a very reasonable and a very cheap price which provides the same high-quality service and delivery for the gamer. Once you complete your payment transaction for your unranked LoL smurf account, you will be provided with the account’s log-in details on your screen.

In order to make an unranked LoL smurf account, you should utilize all your boosters and play on those until you reach level 30 with one condition; not using or spending any of your blue essence and by the time that you receive the unranked LoL smurf account, it will enable you to spend all your reserved blue essence on your champions based on your preference by playing placement matches where you will get ranked based on your career.

Once you own an unranked LoL smurf account, you will be able to start a whole new ranked career on it with a lot of advantages and benefits because you will also be able to switch between your main account and your smurf account at the same time. The main reason that a lot of LoL players seek an unranked LoL smurf account is they want to bring their gaming experience to a whole new level where there are less struggle and more perks.

Listed down below are some of the most common advantages that you can get from having a LoL unranked smurf account.

Probably, topping the list of the advantages of this type of account is its price. It is relatively cheap compared to having to maintain a main ranked account and its service from its servers are outstanding. Also, rookie LoL players are thriving in this type of accounts because it is easier for them to learn and maximize the skills without sacrificing the gaming experience.

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