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Thinking of starting a football team?

If you are into sport and enjoy playing football but your local team is not what you are looking for, why not start your own club? Here are some tips on how to get up and running.

According to the FA, the number of people playing football in the UK increased in 2015, with 8.2 million people taking part in football in some shape or form. The popularity of football at the grassroots level has continued to rise, but if you live in an area that is lacking in local clubs or you think your area could sustain a new club here is what you need to think about.

The practicalities

When you start a football team, you will need to set up a management team. You must also get your team affiliated with a local FA. Once you have done this, you can join a local league.

You will also need a pitch. This can be expensive, particularly if you have to provide the goals and corner flags.

One of the last things to organise is football gear. You will need to approach a Football Kits supplier such as to work out what kit you need. Most teams make players provide their own boots and shin pads, while they provide the rest. This is to ensure that the team are all dressed in the same items and that they feel unite as one community of players.

Other things to consider

Setting up your own team is about much more than who will play and where you will play. There are other issues, such as paying to join a league, pitch fees and insurance, in addition to the question of where you will train in the winter. You will also need to pay referees’ fees at matches, invest in some footballs and a first aid kit, and enlist someone to wash the kit.

This means you will have to treat your team like a business, and you will need to think about how you intend to recover some of these costs. Sponsorship from a local business can make a big difference, but you will also need to do some fundraising among your supporters.

If this has inspired you to get some friends or colleagues together and form your own football team, there is no reason you shouldn’t succeed if you follow these pointers and you have a competent squad of players.

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